I dedicated my academic life to acquire more knowledge into creating a better environment for the world and doing more in my power to help create a cleaner world and a healthier style of living for all of our inhabitants on this  Earth.

free radicalsAnytime I am approached or find out about another way of doing my part and the part of many others in creating a better human experience for all of the inhabitants here. Because of the past experience I have in environmental thinking and being an environmentally conscious human being, I have continued to welcome any conversation that gave me the opportunity to progress in this journey. When I learned of Protandim, I was struck in awe about what I was told and what my research and the information I gathered provided me with. The company creating and providing the product was one that actually seemed to care about the science behind it, and always seemed to be discussing the actual scientifically proven effects that the drugs would have on the human body. This was very refreshing to me. I have had many experiences with hones of different network marketing types of organizations that not too many people involved had any clue about the scientific benefits of the product that they were providing their customers with, and they more or less just told people what they have heard from other people rather than doing the quality of research themselves.   

protandim 3rd party verificationWhat made me feel good about trusting this man with his pitch on Protandim was the way he used his verified sources to prove that it was no joke the powers it had. For example, in the early 2000’s, ABC had a special prime time report on the uses of Protandim, which was headlined by famed ABC host John Quiñones. They spoke to a couple of the doctors who were working on the project.

montell williamsMontell Williams also had a verified report done on his family about the quality uses of Protandim. His family used Protandim to help his mother fight a sickness that she was fighting, and through many tests, it was verified that she was actually cured of her illness thanks to the use of the now famed chemical.

He also showed me that Lifevantage, the network marketing company that distributes Protandim also was a sponsor of the Real Salt Lake soccer team in the United States, and they ended up having one of the team’s players with their jersey featured on the cover of the Xbox 360 game, Fifa 15, which is a widely acclaimed game played by many of the youth today. This easy advertising has slowly helped spread the word of Protandim and Lifevantage and have continued to help people who need the extra antioxidants that their bodies can now create.

While it is still a widely unknown chemical that people seem to constantly discount since it is sold using the same methods as people who do Herbalife or Amway, through network marketers who begin to call themselves the CEO’s of a companies, it is still spreading much faster than many other comparable treatments, and is certainly an affordable option for people who care about their health. It is sad that it is often discredited because of the ways that it is sold, but hopefully, people will start to really consider the scientifically proven benefits of and will not discount something unless they have done the necessary research themselves. The problem with many things in this world when talking about science is that people do not do their own research and instead come to conclusions without any foundation, which ends up making them look stupid and keeps our world from progressing.

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