hemp oilDuring my discussion of information sharing with a stranger I met at the bar, our topic turned towards cancerous cures. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and that day, she was getting surgery to have a small tumor removed from her breast tissue. I indulged in my newfound friend that there have been many scientific research that has stated that hemp oil can help kill some of the cancerous cells in the body while not damaging any of the normal white blood cells. I had just watched lengthy documentary following Rick Simpson in his findings that indeed, hemp oil was causing cancer remission in many, many circumstances. This new friend found what I had to say interesting, and had heard something similar, and it was now his turn to share with me what kind of products he believed to be useful in this realm of medical science.

He was recently introduced to a network marketing company that was based around selling plant-based chemicals to help the body fight off natural diseases and natural causes of aging to help people reduce the wrinkles, reduce chance of sickness, and reduce the free radicals that terrorize the cells of the body. He introduced me to this chemical called Protandim. The science behind it, he explained, was that free radicals are the major cause of aging. Through NRF 2 synergizing, and tons of peer-reviewed studies conducted in the labs of many of the top and respected university publications that have been published in the journals of top biology, medicine, and enzyme publications.

radical toxicityProtandim works like this. It sends NRF2 into your body that helps create antioxidants that will then fight off any roaming free radicals in your body and essentially prevent them from going on the attack on your body. Antioxidants have become very popular to advertise in the nutrition plans of health conscious people, and for good reason. The problem is that through nutrition and normal foods that have antioxidants, there is only so much that can be used in the fight against free radicals, and once they are used up, you need to refresh your antioxidant supply. With Protandim, it helps your body actually create it’s own antioxidants to create a never ending supply of antioxidants to be used in the fight against aging, disease, and other forms of damaging free radicals.

Protandim carries 3 patents that have been granted in the last ten years. The first was for the composition and method to help alleviate the stresses in mammals caused by oxidation and inflammation. The 2nd patent is for the types of methods and the formulation of chemicals that enhance enzyme activity in antioxidants. The 3rd is a renewal and continuation of the 1st patent.

protandimFrom this conversation, I intelligently was able to gather that if this medicine can actually create antioxidants in the body, and contribute to the body naturally becoming stronger and able to fight away disease, that, as long as there was science behind it, I was going to take his word for it.

He told me his company name was LifeVantage, and it was a network marketing company that was actually one of the more well respected in the community of network marketing. They actually were sponsors of a major U.S. Soccer team and had their jersey appear on one of the covers for a FIFA video game. That was enough verification for me, I told him I would buy a bottle of protandim off of him, inspect it, and then give him a call later about joining.