Your ambitions are all achievable if you believe them to be possible. If you have had dreams of being in another position than you are right now, you are not alone, this is a common theme of the human experience.

The people who have created a positive life experience for themselves put in a lot of work behind the scenes and didn’t just get lucky to get in the position they are nowadays.

rodent controlI was in the same boat with my beliefs in my life. Fresh out of college, I took the first available job that I could get that paid above minimum wage. My first true adult career made my life all about killing bed bugs. While it somewhat related to the major on my diploma, environmental science, after 3 years on the job, I finally realized that I had aspired for more.

I had the typical college experience. Went to my fair share of parties, aced through some courses while I failed and dropped out of others. Like many of the college graduates today who were on the four year plan, I finished in five years, happy to have experienced the years I spent on campus, but highly anticipating what the future held for me.

Eager to get out of debt, I jumped into pest control services because that was something I was familiar with through my experiences in classes at college. It paid well and I felt like it was a pretty solid source of income in comparison to the minimum wage jobs that I held part-time while I was in school. In what seemed to be a flash, one day I woke up, looked myself in the mirror, and thought I looked older than I felt I was. I thought, why did I think I was younger than I was? I’m 25, what have I done halfway through my 20’s that show a glimmer of a bright future ahead. While I got 3 years experience of work, what was this job alone serving me?

eyes on goal40 hours a week worth of pay in exterminating and removing animals from people’s homes isn’t a high enough paying job or a physically demanding job to have me truly believe that it should be my only source of income. I realized that I wasn’t using my time as wisely¬†as I honestly could and decided that I needed to step up my game. I had a stable life, but figured why not go after a lifestyle that could truly benefit lives while making me a decent amount of money.

The newfound hustler in me was bit by the hustle bug, and I wanted to direct my energy towards something positive and that I had the skills are could attain the skills for. Learning in school about all the beneficial elements of the environment’s very own products made me firmly believe that there were tons of things for people to learn, including myself.

I started getting in talks with people during my job and when I was on the networking prowl in the night scene throughout the bay area. One day, during a discussion about cures for cancer, some guy told me he had something to help cure it with scientific proof to back it up. He also told me he could sell it and make money off of it. I was intrigued.

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