Society’s Spell is the spell cast upon many individuals in the world, especially the major first world countries. I have particularly noticed cultures being shaped by external forces here in the United States. With all of the technology in the world, it is difficult to not notice the world around, in which the comparisons between one’s self and others ensue once a person notices. Society’s spell is the feeling that makes people believe they are not good enough, that there is something wrong with their self . It tells people that they lack the skills or confidence to change themselves and will remain pathetic, feeble, helpless, and ugly. This spell works so well on us because our culture tells each of us that we are weak, we are powerless, and we are not worth. With television and magazines that show the best looking people in the world with great talents and great physiques, many people try to compare themselves to these high ranking people in the world. The media actually will try to instill the mindset into people that they must look and act a certain way if they want to be accepted in this society. If they decide to go against what they are told, the risk being ridiculed. And if any given person does not feel as if they compare or ever can compare, they then begin to think they are inadequate and will not be good enough for the rest of the world. It’s the media that feeds the mentality that there are certain classes of people given labels that we do not all agree with, but are forced to listen to and follow or risk social excommunication. Cultural values have nothing to do with who you are a spiritual being, don’t let it get to you. As the late Dr. T. Mckenna once said, “culture is not your friend.”

culture is not your friend

Our attitudes are often shaped by the media and our friends and family who usually pay attention to what the media is telling them. If there was nobody to compare ourselves to and someone to say one person is better than another, there would not be as much of a problem with self-confidence. But we allow people other than ourselves to shape our attitudes. As a society we think that we cannot live up to expectations and we are always falling short. We need only to allow ourselves and only the loved ones whose opinions we respect to shape our attitudes instead of people we do not know to tell us who we are.

alone by yourself

Take a moment of silence and think to yourself. Talk to your brain and ask yourself questions that you can honestly respond to, and inquire what your inadequacies are. Fear not what terror looms beneath your conscience, but be willing to accept what your brain tells you so you can consciously build on it.

take a second

There are many problems that all of us carry, and there are fears that we all have. The human brain is very powerful, and if you carry along these dark feelings of fear without truly trying to tackle them, then they can continue to haunt you. Whether it be body issues, greatest fears, social issues, family issues, or other personal issues, they loom darkest when you try to put them into the back of your mind and not think about it. If you don’t tackle it, they can come and haunt you at the worst time, and continue to do so until you are able to overcome it.

black friday

Society’s Spell is one that is more negative than it is positive. Society will put you down more often than it will bring you up. Identify what you can control, and if you want to fix it, begin to consciously think about how you plan on making your changes throughout your daily life.

We must be able to control our minds and then and only then will each of us be able to break Society’s Spell.