life's golden ticketI recently read this story called Life’s Golden Ticket. I thought that this was a very interesting metaphor and a positive way to look at life, upon reading the story through and through, it really made me think about what the treasure of life is here in this reality, and, as well as the painstakingly aggravating terror that sometimes comes with it.

Throughout Life’s Golden Ticket, the main character grows through his time at the carnival. He tries to become a better person after many different insights into his life by the people who worked in the magical carnival. In the beginning of the novel prior to his visit to the carnival, he is a stuck up person who focuses his life on his needs and thinks he does things for others when in reality, he does not. The main character upon entering the carnival does not believe what is happening to be really, what IS happening to him. He sees images of the choices he makes in his life and things that happened to him and others in his life and how it effects everyone important to him. He learns about how his words can hurt others and he learns that he also needs to start doing things that will benefit his life so he is not depressed. The main character blames most of his problems on his past in the beginning mainly due to his father. He learns to take the steps necessary to overcome fear and work on himself.

wizard toddIn the end of the story after Henry disappears and he is talking to the wizard and Todd, he knows what he needs to do to get his life back together. He learns to have courage and he needs to continue to be brave and not let other tear him down. Also early on the novel he is told he needs to forgive his father for what he did to him and let go of it. When he meets his father for the first time in many years, this is one of the major steps he will have to take to get his life back on track to being happy.

The conclusion that I came away with from this story is that learning from actions is what builds a person’s character and moral standards, possibly even more so than the actions that they have taken. Although poor actions can negatively affect someone’s view of a person, by that person being able to recollect mistakes that were made, integrate into their mind about how they can go about that situation differently to me is a very important and often surprisingly fulfilling way to progress in life. The meaning of insanity has stuck with me over the years, and each time I make a mistake in life, and understand what that mistake was, I make sure not become a human definition of insanity and try to help myself understand how I could go about choices in a different manner. If something ain’t broke don’t fix it, but when it is, don’t neglect it. Too often, when people make mistakes, they try to ignore them and put them into the backs of their minds and avoid their shortcomings. But, the next time that situation presents itself and the same mistake is made again, that’s what we call insanity.


The main character in this story had the chance to learn about the mistakes that he was making, and finally took the time to see why the mistakes were poor, and how he could have changed his actions. We can take a lot away from this and integrate it knowing much of this story relates to the life journey we are all apart of. We all know we can’t relive the past, and some people think it is wrong to dwell on the past. The truth is though, it is wrong to dwell on the past if you are dwelling on mistakes that you made that can fixed, and reparations made with some effort. Don’t let your past haunt you if you can do something about it. We only have this one life to live as far as we know, this is really our golden ticket. Always be learning and trying to improve yourself, and soon, you will see that your life could start trending in the direction of gold!

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