Life’s journey is all about learning. If you aren’t learning, you aren’t living. Learning isn’t only about picking up a book and teaching yourself equations, it is about discovering new ways of looking at things that you did not previously understand.

A first time mother and father don’t know how to raise a child, but when that baby comes into their lives, they realize they have to be actively engaged in what is going on with the child to make sure it survives, and in the process, the parents are learning. If they have another child, they will be better prepared to take care of it having had the experience of a previous.

A worker for any business knows more after working there for a lengthy amount of time than they did on their first day. My first job I had was working for as a cleaning contractor in the California Bay Area. Click Here to visit my old boss’s website. When he first hired me, I knew nothing about how to use any of the cleaning techniques or the chemicals used to clean stains out of carpets or rugs. Over time, I learned the required skill set to succeed and it helped me earn an income that supported my living, while I saw others who did not care to fully pick up the cleaning skills fail, and lose their job.

As humans, we have cemented ourselves on this planet as the most capable of surviving and the most fit to do well on this planet. We were given better opportunities than any other animal on this Earth to carry our species and make a difference. This is not to be taken for granted and taken lightly. We got to this point in history by our ancestors pushing themselves to continue to adapt to the world as well as create to make this planet a more progressive place year after year.

It is disappointing to know that there are billions of individuals who do not fully understand a single role that they have, but instead, dream about what they someday could be, or what life could be. The human dream is a big part of what helped push the progression of our species and by having goals, our ancestors continued to learn how to, and then actually accomplish the goals that they set out for themselves. The masses of our population today have big dreams, but do not put in the action to reach those dreams, and stop considering themselves active learners but rather order takers. There is a sense among people that they are not in control of their own life, and their own destiny, and instead roll over and give up when things start to become unbearably hard.

Your circumstances are what they are, and where you are at during this point in life cannot be changed, because you cannot fix what has already happened, you can only control what will happen for you. Your dreams, they will always be just that if you never put the effort and action into attaining them. Your goals, you will fail to reach them if instead you care about trivial worthless problems and distractions more than you care about your dreams. Your addicted to your dreams, but would rather sleep to think about them again instead of get out of your comfort zone and start to make progress towards being a success. You have been told life is too hard, it’s not possible, you can’t do it, it’s all a bunch of crap. The human brain is a very powerful thing we all have. When we are not actively engaging our brain and thinking for ourselves, we let someone else take control and put their thoughts and their philosophies in our heads instead of create our own.

Power figures, religious beliefs, your elder’s ideas, the media, the education system, have you taken the time to verify what any of these institutions are telling you? Most people haven’t, and it’s why these loads of boloney continue to thrive. The majority of people are not capable of thinking for themselves and instead turn to biased news networks, money hungry political figures, power hungry religious affiliations, and powerful media giants to tell you what to think. Close out those parts of your life, they are not what is going to take you to where you want to be in your life. You have ambitions outside of what other people and other groups want, don’t you? You have bigger dreams for yourself, for your family, and you are capable of reaching them. You don’t need to be entertained, you will feel much more fulfilled after putting in the work that was necessary and then to have the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling that you made it.

Comment below, and acknowledge what your life situation is right now, where you want to be. Publicly tell us what it is that is holding you back from attaining your dreams. Is it a job, is it your friends, your family? Is it a group you are a part of? Then tell us what you are going to do to get your life on the track that you want it to be. Reward yourself by attaining the dreams and ambitions that you had when you were younger. Whatever somebody else said to you, that it wasn’t possible, that you couldn’t do it, use that as fuel for the fire to prove to yourself that you were right, and they were wrong. Use your mind as a tool, overcome the thoughts and the noise that holds you back, and learn to acknowledge what your faults are and how to succeed despite them. You need to truly know what you desire, and stop thinking, and start doing. You got to put in the action, don’t look back, don’t slow down, keep pushing. You wanna be a champion? A champion always gets up no matter how many times he was knocked down. Don’t let anyone take you away from what you need to succeed.