No two lives are exactly the same. We all came into this existence in a different manner from everyone else, and those who have made it far enough to read this website have had far different experiences than the next of us.

Throughout childhood, we are feeble minded, and have yet to learn our place in the world. There is so much to be comprehended by each individual, and there are many different arguments on how we process all this information. But there is one thing that we know for certain, nobody has had the full life experience and the same thought process as another person.

A fascinating aspect of the human brain is the way the way it can handle information, and process it in a way that creates our senses, and what drive much of our everyday life. Seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and hearing makes every moment in our lives, a brand new experience, one that nobody else in the world is processing the same as you.

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This idea is fascinating once a person is able to figure out how every single person on this planet is different from the next. Although society tends to separate people by grouping them in categories like dumber, smarter, taller, stronger, richer, older, as well as people grouping themselves with their political affiliations, their nation, and their religion, we are all one. We are all of the same species. We all come from the same lineage of animal, brought to this moment together, 14 billion years later.

We all want to become good at things, all become powerful. But that’s not what this life is about. We are all created equal, the hardest part for people to understand is the journey is to find out who you already are. We try to separate ourselves from one another. One of the most beautiful parts of life is discovering that we are not different from each other, we are one in the same. We are born into the world the same way, created as the same organism.carl sagan

Much of the media is to fault for this view we have of each other. All the family grouped together around a television, with videos of people telling others who they are, grouping people into categories and paste them as words onto the bottom of the screen to label people as something and instill into all of our consciences about who each of us are.

The media is to blame for a lot of things, but we as a society are the ones to blame for not knowing any better. We have strayed away from many of the ways of learning, and have relegated ourselves to pointless trivial entertainment with our day. In doing so, much of the contact with the world is through media driven entertainment, rather than devoting much of one’s time to growing together as a species, and tearing away cultural values.
There has been this boundary that is being grown between our kind as of late. We are separating ourselves more and more in groups that feel superior than others. People that feel superior or feel a sense of entitlement over someone else for a particular reason. These feelings that are being driven into our psyches among our cliques are causing a dramatized existence among us that is holding us back from our progress in this universe.

hate morningMy greatest hope is that people more regularly step out of their comfort zone for a moment and look to experience the realities of our existence and look to exploit what we are truly capable of as a species and reach the destination that is beyond our conscious thinking.

The realities of the future are quite literally unknown. ¬†Each passing moment is the newest of this life’s existence, and that is a sacred and terrifyingly exciting thought to have when you get right into the nitty gritty of it. Every second that go by in life, can be a satisfying feeling to have, and most of us crave the following second more than any drug in the world. The addiction to time is the the most satisfying piece of our existence. An optimistic way to look at time, even for most people in situations of depression, or discomfort, is that if time wasn’t a precious piece of our innate thinking that our brain continued to drive into us every fleeting moment, then we would unconsciously kill ourselves. By continuing to survive every moment that we do, our unconscious mind is telling your body that you would rather live than die at this moment.

alan wattsLife continues to change every millisecond in this world. Think about your circumstances, whether they be positive or negative. Think about what the positive things you have in your life, and think about the negative things in your life. What is inevitably the more delightful of experience are those that are positive, and positive feelings driving the world. Negativity drives us all down, which is why many people need to work on seeking out positive expressionism as opposed to being involved in the doom and gloom of the world.

As you thought about those positive experiences that you have in your life, and those of the negative ones, what were the happenings of the event. Most of our poor experiences in life have to do with the effects that another individual or group of individuals has on us. The media, religion, politicians, gangsters, hate groups, and people who cannot nearly all feel there is a certain way to live this life and are immediately opposed to anyone who thinks differently. There is tension between people who feel there is an opposing group to them. People still believe that there is something that separates us to the point where we cannot respect, love, or even act cordially to a certain group.

adolf hitlerThe idea of racism, sexism, and opposition to a person of any type is idiotic when you can take a moment to think about the whole scheme of things. Although we all come from different backgrounds, and have our different stories, we are all cut from the same cloth by this Universe. We
are all so closely related to one another, far more than we are to beings of other galaxies, and perhaps other universes. We have so much more in common with one another than we realize.

When the world starts to take notice less so how different we are from one another, and more how we are alike, the world will finally know peace. As connections arise between individuals and new information is shared with another person, new ideals are formed in a person’s head, and hopefully, the human race will progress.