Life's Path

The Path of Life and all of it's mysterious occurences

Confidence is Key

confidence leveleConfidence is key. Having confidence in your own abilities to accomplish the hopes and dreams that you have set out for yourself is what it is going to take to inspire action within you. The mind is the biggest tool that humans have to their disposal. Being able to at the very least work in congruence with your mind, and at the highest level, be able to control it better than ever will help make life’s tasks easier and easier to deal with.

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I Want to Save Lives

I dedicated my academic life to acquire more knowledge into creating a better environment for the world and doing more in my power to help create a cleaner world and a healthier style of living for all of our inhabitants on this  Earth.

free radicalsAnytime I am approached or find out about another way of doing my part and the part of many others in creating a better human experience for all of the inhabitants here. Because of the past experience I have in environmental thinking and being an environmentally conscious human being, I have continued to welcome any conversation that gave me the opportunity to progress in this journey. When I learned of Protandim, I was struck in awe about what I was told and what my research and the information I gathered provided me with. The company creating and providing the product was one that actually seemed to care about the science behind it, and always seemed to be discussing the actual scientifically proven effects that the drugs would have on the human body. This was very refreshing to me. I have had many experiences with hones of different network marketing types of organizations that not too many people involved had any clue about the scientific benefits of the product that they were providing their customers with, and they more or less just told people what they have heard from other people rather than doing the quality of research themselves.   

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The Sharing of Knowledge

hemp oilDuring my discussion of information sharing with a stranger I met at the bar, our topic turned towards cancerous cures. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and that day, she was getting surgery to have a small tumor removed from her breast tissue. I indulged in my newfound friend that there have been many scientific research that has stated that hemp oil can help kill some of the cancerous cells in the body while not damaging any of the normal white blood cells. I had just watched lengthy documentary following Rick Simpson in his findings that indeed, hemp oil was causing cancer remission in many, many circumstances. This new friend found what I had to say interesting, and had heard something similar, and it was now his turn to share with me what kind of products he believed to be useful in this realm of medical science.

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Yes Man and No Man, Know When Man

Ever seen the movie Yes Man where the main character, played by Jim Carrey says yes to every single request for a period of time throughout the movie? [Spoiler Alert] It takes him to places he has never been before, he takes more risks and definitely lives a much more exciting life than he was before and even begins to make more money than before. Along the way, he meets a girl that he falls madly in love with due to his consistent “yes’s” to any option presented to him. Throughout the whole fiasco and come through the climax of the movie, Jim Carrey starts to have things go really south the more things he says yes to because they start to get him in trouble with his love, and his friendly relationships. In the end, he learned that by saying yes to things out of your comfort zone can lead to potential exciting circumstances, but only there is potential for good fortune to arise out of it. If you say yes to anything and everything, you lose out on doing other things, and you can also negatively affect your life when it’s truly not the right things to say yes to.

Knowing when to be a yes-man and when to be a no-man is basically called being a good decision maker. How do you do that?


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Achievable Goals

Your ambitions are all achievable if you believe them to be possible. If you have had dreams of being in another position than you are right now, you are not alone, this is a common theme of the human experience.

The people who have created a positive life experience for themselves put in a lot of work behind the scenes and didn’t just get lucky to get in the position they are nowadays.

rodent controlI was in the same boat with my beliefs in my life. Fresh out of college, I took the first available job that I could get that paid above minimum wage. My first true adult career made my life all about killing bed bugs. While it somewhat related to the major on my diploma, environmental science, after 3 years on the job, I finally realized that I had aspired for more.

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Society’s Spell

Society’s Spell is the spell cast upon many individuals in the world, especially the major first world countries. I have particularly noticed cultures being shaped by external forces here in the United States. With all of the technology in the world, it is difficult to not notice the world around, in which the comparisons between one’s self and others ensue once a person notices. Society’s spell is the feeling that makes people believe they are not good enough, that there is something wrong with their self . It tells people that they lack the skills or confidence to change themselves and will remain pathetic, feeble, helpless, and ugly. This spell works so well on us because our culture tells each of us that we are weak, we are powerless, and we are not worth. With television and magazines that show the best looking people in the world with great talents and great physiques, many people try to compare themselves to these high ranking people in the world. The media actually will try to instill the mindset into people that they must look and act a certain way if they want to be accepted in this society. If they decide to go against what they are told, the risk being ridiculed. And if any given person does not feel as if they compare or ever can compare, they then begin to think they are inadequate and will not be good enough for the rest of the world. It’s the media that feeds the mentality that there are certain classes of people given labels that we do not all agree with, but are forced to listen to and follow or risk social excommunication. Cultural values have nothing to do with who you are a spiritual being, don’t let it get to you. As the late Dr. T. Mckenna once said, “culture is not your friend.”

culture is not your friend

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What Shaped You?

collins lakeAs we were all children at one point in time, there are many occurrences that shaped who we became, and values that we instilled into our psyche early on in our lives. For me, many of the values that I hold to this day came from my time spent on yearly camping trips to Collin’s Lake.

My life’s path has been greatly influenced due to the time I spent at Collin’s Lake with my family. Whether it be the campfires, the adventures, or the small one on one conversations I have had with others in our campsite, my future was being influenced each day I spent there. At the time, all I wanted was to have fun each and every day with my cousins but unbeknownst to me, I was learning something new about myself each trip. All of the years I have spent at Collin’s Lake has shaped my life and manipulated the person I have become today.

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Learning About Your Life

Life’s journey is all about learning. If you aren’t learning, you aren’t living. Learning isn’t only about picking up a book and teaching yourself equations, it is about discovering new ways of looking at things that you did not previously understand.

A first time mother and father don’t know how to raise a child, but when that baby comes into their lives, they realize they have to be actively engaged in what is going on with the child to make sure it survives, and in the process, the parents are learning. If they have another child, they will be better prepared to take care of it having had the experience of a previous.

A worker for any business knows more after working there for a lengthy amount of time than they did on their first day. My first job I had was working for as a cleaning contractor in the California Bay Area. Click Here to visit my old boss’s website. When he first hired me, I knew nothing about how to use any of the cleaning techniques or the chemicals used to clean stains out of carpets or rugs. Over time, I learned the required skill set to succeed and it helped me earn an income that supported my living, while I saw others who did not care to fully pick up the cleaning skills fail, and lose their job.

As humans, we have cemented ourselves on this planet as the most capable of surviving and the most fit to do well on this planet. We were given better opportunities than any other animal on this Earth to carry our species and make a difference. This is not to be taken for granted and taken lightly. We got to this point in history by our ancestors pushing themselves to continue to adapt to the world as well as create to make this planet a more progressive place year after year.

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Life’s Golden Ticket

life's golden ticketI recently read this story called Life’s Golden Ticket. I thought that this was a very interesting metaphor and a positive way to look at life, upon reading the story through and through, it really made me think about what the treasure of life is here in this reality, and, as well as the painstakingly aggravating terror that sometimes comes with it.

Throughout Life’s Golden Ticket, the main character grows through his time at the carnival. He tries to become a better person after many different insights into his life by the people who worked in the magical carnival. In the beginning of the novel prior to his visit to the carnival, he is a stuck up person who focuses his life on his needs and thinks he does things for others when in reality, he does not. The main character upon entering the carnival does not believe what is happening to be really, what IS happening to him. He sees images of the choices he makes in his life and things that happened to him and others in his life and how it effects everyone important to him. He learns about how his words can hurt others and he learns that he also needs to start doing things that will benefit his life so he is not depressed. The main character blames most of his problems on his past in the beginning mainly due to his father. He learns to take the steps necessary to overcome fear and work on himself.

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Life’s Journey

No two lives are exactly the same. We all came into this existence in a different manner from everyone else, and those who have made it far enough to read this website have had far different experiences than the next of us.

Throughout childhood, we are feeble minded, and have yet to learn our place in the world. There is so much to be comprehended by each individual, and there are many different arguments on how we process all this information. But there is one thing that we know for certain, nobody has had the full life experience and the same thought process as another person.

A fascinating aspect of the human brain is the way the way it can handle information, and process it in a way that creates our senses, and what drive much of our everyday life. Seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and hearing makes every moment in our lives, a brand new experience, one that nobody else in the world is processing the same as you.

love human

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